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Commercial projects can be complex projects and commercial architects in Essex and London are responsible for applying design, construction and engineering skills to design a variety of non-residential buildings and other types of commercial structures. As a commercial architect in Essex, we have completed projects on a varied mix of building types, from Primary Healthcare, offices, restaurants, shops, industrial buildings, sports facilities to banks. We can work to the tightest deadlines, without any loss of quality to our work.


We talk to our clients to understand what they want from a commercial building and then shape that understanding into viable concept design. As architects, we enjoy creating new buildings, free of the constraints of existing structures. We can fully express the client’s design aspirations and maximise the potential of a project. We pride ourselves on being able to complete a variety of commercial architectural projects and have complete flexibility to respond to different types of building users and their particular needs.

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As commercial architects, we know that architectural improvements on existing commercial buildings can add value as well as desirability to the property. Our knowledge and experience in commercial designs mean that we can quickly identify any potential for improving your building to provide both functional space and better internal design, rationalising space wherever possible.


There are some major differences between commercial architecture in London and Essex and residential architecture, so it is important to have an understanding of both to be successful. Commercial buildings often have many different purposes and contain many different people at one time, this can all affect the overall design of the building. Commercial buildings often feature additions that residential buildings do not, such as elevators and escalators, cafeterias, meeting rooms, storerooms and public bathrooms. To put it simply commercial buildings and commercial architecture projects are usually larger than residential. Commercial architect projects include shops, banks, gyms, industrial & agricultural units, schools, restaurants and offices.

We provide a personalised scope of service from start to finish, from strategic briefs, through the design concepts, construction and handover, supporting you at every stage. We collaborate with you and the design team to develop designs, manage the planning process, review legal and building control requirements and oversee construction.

We test various functional and sustainable solutions – whilst they’re on paper before the building process starts. It is vital to explore creative options at the design stage, as changes to a project, whilst a builder is on-site, can be very expensive!


We believe that the important element is for the architect and client to form a trusting, professional relationship, to maximise the interchange of ideas and goals. Responsive communication plays an important role in the satisfactory conclusion of a commercial architectural project. No matter what size a commercial project is, it always deserves our full attention.

Steve Jackson Design has had commercial architectural projects across Essex as well as in London and all over the UK.


How can I find a commercial architect in Essex or London for my project?
When looking for a commercial architect in Essex or London remember that the term “architect” is protected by law. Architects train for at least 7 years before qualification and becoming registered with the Architects Registration Board ( Steve Jackson is listed under ‘Steven Jackson’ registration number 050858F. Be aware, some may say that they ‘trained as architects’ or ‘worked in a firm of architects’ or ‘attended a school of architecture’ – none of which means they are an actual architect.
How do I find out if I need planning permission for my commercial architectural project?
You can visit the Government’s Planning Portal website to find out if you need planning permission for a commercial architectural project, or we can advise you. The key benefits of Governments The Planning Portal are:

  • You can find out if you need planning permission before you start your project.
  • The portal allows you to stop and come back to your application at another time.
  • You can submit and pay for your planning application online.
  • There is interactive information and mini-guides for common projects available.

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Please take a look at our commercial architecture projects below, and consider Steve Jackson Design when looking for a commercial architect in Essex and London. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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