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How to Find a Good Architect

If you are looking for an architect then you are going to have some important decisions ahead of you. An architect is someone that can help you through the complexity of designing and constructing a building to meet your needs. It’s not a job for the cowboys, training to be an architect takes at least 7 years!

At Steve Jackson Design we want to share some tips on how to find an architect for your project, whether it’s residential or commercial, and how to know when you’ve found a good architect.

Try a Google Search

The easiest way to find an architect in your area is to do a simple Google search. Google will help you find local architects along with their social media accounts. Many architects choose to showcase their work on websites like Instagram, so you can check out their online portfolios and make a decision.

Make sure you like their style, as different architects often have very different styles. Some architects might only be interested in modernist or minimalist design, so the most important thing is to choose an architect to suit your project.

Talk to Friends & Family

If your friends or family have worked with an architect in the past then consider asking them for recommendations. It’s always best if you can source an architect that comes recommended by people you know and trust. You could save time and chances are you’ll get on well with them. Most people will talk to at least 2 or 3 different architects before making a decision, looking at their portfolios and checking out their references.

Talk to Other Clients

Architects get most of their work from word of mouth. Look for an architect with experience in your type of property and check how many projects they have been involved in. Talk to previous clients and find out how responsive they are to changes and how effective they are at managing the budget. Check their track record for approvals.

Other Things to Consider
  • What type of architect are they? – Do you need a creative architect that can bring your building to life? An architect to help you determine the budget of your project and get planning permission? Or perhaps you need detailed architectural plans and an architect to help with the entire process?
  • Are they registered with ARB? – The Architects Registration Board is the statutory body for the registration of architects in the United Kingdom. All architects, by law, must be registered with the Architects Registration Board.
  • Are they registered with RIBA? – The Royal Institute of British Architects is a global professional membership body driving excellence in architecture. Unlike ARB, RIBA membership isn’t compulsory for architects.
  • Are they a chartered architect? – Chartered architects are bound by similar strict professional codes as ARB. It typically takes approximately 5 to 6 years to qualify as a chartered architect.

About Us

Steve Jackson Design is an architect in Essex with more than 25 years of experience, in all manner of building types and forms of construction, including both residential architecture and commercial architecture.

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