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Architect in Southend-on-Sea

How to Find a Residential Architect for a Project in Southend

You may want to know more about how to find a residential architect for your project, to make sure the process goes as seamlessly as possible. Architects are highly-trained individuals that are good at making the best of the space that you have. 

Architects offer interesting designs, ensure that the light is right throughout the building and that the house feels good. Choosing the wrong architect can become a costly process, so if you are looking for an architect in Southend-on-Sea, it is important to find a reputable architect near you that can ensure your project is a success.

Every architect that is practicing in the UK must be by law registered with ARB, the Architects Registration Board. This guarantees a basic standard of work, and it also means that they will be covered by the right insurance if anything goes wrong. 

When you are looking for an architect locally, find an architect in Essex familiar with local planning policies and look for a record of successful applications. If you live in a listed property, you will want to ensure that you find someone with experience in them. 

You should ask yourself if you need a creative person that can add their own touch to bring your project to life or someone that works more rigidly and that can execute your own plans? If you are worried about the costs spiralling out of control, then you’ll need to find an architect that can manage project finances well. 

Take a look at the architect’s portfolio to make sure that you like their style. Different architects’ work differently. You can also try asking people you know that have recently had work done if they can recommend an architect.

Provide the architect that you have chosen to work with your project brief and budget. The clearer your brief is, the less likely you are to be disappointed. Ask them about their fees and ask the architect to explain them, if they are not clear. Different architects charge different amounts in different ways. If you are on a budget, you might feel tempted to do without one completely, but it doesn’t make sense to cut corners on a design that is so important.

Steve Jackson Design has been the local architect in Southend-on-Sea for refurbishments, conversions, new build schemes and extensions at numerous properties, expertly designing new houses across Southend-on-Sea and beyond; large and small extensions at the front, rear, side and in the loft. Our work encompasses everything from small residential home extensions to multi-storey flats, listed buildings. CALL US ON 01268 745069.

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