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Stunning Architectural Drawings on Instagram

Anyone with the desire to create an original drawing can do so, all you need is a drawing utensil, such as a pencil, a surface to draw on, like paper, and some time. However, with advancements in architectural software technology, it’s become something of a rarity to see detailed hand drawings in architecture.

If you take a look on Instagram though, you can find artists creating stunning architectural drawings on a daily basis. These drawings tell stories about the buildings, visually depicting both urban and rural landscapes from the artists perspective. Here are a collection of some stunning architectural drawings on Instagram. 

Jeff Murray Art


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Jeff Murray creates incredibly detailed artwork, inspired by travel, all with a pen and canvas. He has travelled across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia embracing the architecture and landscapes which fuels his inspiration and perspectives. His most recent architectural drawings are of an intricately detailed New York City.

Minty Sainsbury


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Minty Sainsbury is an architectural artist that illustrates urban settings from the perspective of a person. Her work shows meticulously drawn buildings that lay in the shadows of their surroundings. The photorealistic quality of the drawings that she produces truly is stunning.

Olivia Kemp


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Olivia Kemp is an architectural artist that adds her own twist to her detailed pen illustrations of real-world environments. Inspired by both her travels and her own personal interpretation, she recreates landscapes whilst simultaneously remodelling them, building the natural environment into her drawings.

Thomas Dartigues


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Thomas Dartigues is a former street artist that illustrates different cityscapes from around the world. The drawings are done at a large scale often taking up entire walls, depicting some of the world’s most famous landmarks combining elements from different regions.

Emi Nakajima


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Emi Nakajima is an artist that puts extraordinary detail into her architectural drawings. Experimenting with various scales, Emi recreates iconic structures from around the world and the stunning illustrations ensure that no detail is overlooked. She has created a portfolio of stunning architectural drawings.

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